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Maine South Clinical Government Class




Helpful Websites:


Oyez Oyez Oyez: Cases, Justices and More

This website is useful because you can find cases and biographical information on the justices.  The biographical information is helpful because it lets you know the judges political leanings and their voting history.  You can either search the site if you know the name of the case you want to do or you can browse by case topics or justices. 


Let’s search for a case to look at examples of what you can find on this website.  In the search box at the top of the screen, type in Tinker v. Des Moines and press Enter.  When the case name comes up, click onto its title.  The next page will give you some facts about the case and, towards the bottom, show you portraits of the justices who decided on the case.  The order the judges are in is by seniority.  You can also click to sort by ideaology (from left to right is from most liberal to most conservative).  


You can also find biographical information about the judges by typing in the judges name in the search box or by clicking on the word "Justices."  If you use the "Justices" method, then you either have to scroll down until you find the justice's name, use the Find function (CTRL-F) to search by the justice's name, or change the "View by" drop down menu to Court and scroll through that list.



Landmark Supreme Court Cases this site gives a chart on how some of the cases moved through the legal system, click on case name and then tab labeled "background"


Supreme Court Historical Society


U.S. Supreme Court



 Books you can use or checkout




Finding Newspaper Articles

Click here for tips on finding newspaper articles on your Supreme Court case. 




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